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Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach towards collaborative Business Improvement and Technical Consulting services is shown in the flow below which can include a complete or a combination of the following:-

Competency Framework

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Assessing the Workforce

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Skills Development (Training) Framework

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Custom Training Courses with Industry Experts

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Technical Consulting for Mining and Mineral Resources

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Competency Framework

This service is intended to assist clients define current staff competency levels. How well your teams are performing according to their job titles, based on the job role description and in accordance with company SOP’s and best practices. Firstly, job roles and descriptions are created or matched to the client’s Mine Value Chain functions together with the necessary skills required. Secondly, the workforce is assessed against these criteria. These results then determine the competency framework which in turn highlights specific areas for developing your teams through our custom courses.

Assessing the Workforce

The workforce is then assessed before and then after receiving the custom training with reference to Competency Framework or the custom training material:-

  • Pre-assessments: Identify current skills, technical skills and competencies, company regulatory requirements, industry standards, highlight any shortfalls, outline training needs and classify any earmarked candidates for professional career development.
  • Post Assessment: Highlight skills retained and knowledge gained after training. Assessment results are included into a detailed feedback report, which includes individual results of theory and practical tests, a skills matrix, and a recommended development plan.

Skills Development (Training) Framework.

We believe it is of paramount importance to have a systematic and integrated approach to developing a Skills Development Framework, which relates directly to your strategic goals and business improvement initiatives. 
WHAT: This training framework requires a complete design and analysis from the ground up in order to standardise, implement and successfully execute your mines business strategies and objectives.   The framework helps define your teams Operating Procedures, Accountability Structure and Training Program. Working closely with Department Heads, including HR’s objective of individual advancement into substantive positions and increased staff retainment within Technical and Operational disciplines.

WHY: The purpose of the framework is to promote general skills, increase knowledge, and drive accountability of the Technical and Operational teams. It also contributes to social and economic transformation, upliftment of economic growth for the company, the global mining and minerals sector.

HOW:An on-site visit by one of our executives is conducted to understand the full scale of your needs and concerns.  A pre-course assessment is taken by the team members to evaluate their level of comprehension.  This determines the base level of the teams’ skills. Once these steps are complete, then a full custom Skills Development Framework is prepared and Custom Training Solutions are presented.

Innovation is at the forefront of the mining industry’s strategy.  Therefore the Skills Development (Training) Framework will be a continuous working progress to allow for constant business improvements, through achieved initiatives.

Custom Training Courses with Industry Experts

Our custom training programs are personalised and created with reference to client’s data and processes. They will focus on their data collection, interpretation, theory classes, practical lessons, software applications, company standard operating procedures and best practices. Includes detailed feedback reports.

An enhanced blended training approach can be adapted through a combination of distance learning, self-paced learning, classroom learning with practical application and exercises, assessments and online discussions

Technical Consulting for Mining and Mineral Resources:

To support the business cycle, we assist those clients in need of Technical Advisory by providing expert consulting for open pit and underground mines. We are able to explore, study, refine, optimize and execute any project with value to the client on all commodities, on any continent. Our primary skills are within the exploration, mineral evaluations, planning, designing, costing, Ore Reserve Estimation with sign-off and execution stages. Utilising industry proven software, we are able to design and schedule mining operations and a variety of optimised solutions for our clients:

  • Mineral Resource Management Technical Services
  • Geological mapping & field services
  • Drill Hole Logging
  • Exploration programme design, execution & logistics
  • 3-D Geological Modelling
  • Ore Body modelling & Geostatistical Mineral Resource evaluation
  • Sampling & analysis
  • Grade Control Drilling & Sampling
  • Competent Persons Reports
  • Mineral Resource & Reserve Statements
  • Data capturing
  • Systems & Procedures design & implementation
  • Technical auditing & review
  • Metal accounting & reconciliation
  • Ore Reserve Forecasting
  • Technical Reporting
  • Mineral Resource optimisation
  • Mine design, scheduling & optimisation
  • Geotechnical services
  • Surveying services 


Fostering connectivity.

Transferring skills effectively is a complex task that should not be underestimated. Ethical organizations prioritize individual growth and progression into significant roles to enhance employee retention within the Technical and Operational fields.

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