Mine Technical Solutions

Geotechnical & Survey Skills Framework

Elementary Geotech for OP & UG Mining

Mining 101 for OP or UG

Surveying for Assistant Surveyors & Helpers

Novice, Non-Technical & Technicians

0 +
Years Experience

Experienced Professionals

0 +
Years Experience

Geotechnical Principles for OP or UG

Intro to SURPAC or Studio for Geology, Planning & Survey

Leadership Excellence, Team Dynamics & Succession Development

Intermediate SURPAC or Autodesk for Surveyors

Geotech Data Analysis & Interpretation (Rockscience)

Surveying for Mining Operations

Production for Mining & Geotech Engineers

Surveying for the Resource Model

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering to OP/UG

Reconciliation for Geologists. Planners and Surveyors

Advanced Data Analysis and Interpretation using Rockscience

Advanced SURPAC or Autodesk for Surveyors

Advanced Leadership Excellence

Reporting of Mineral Resources & Ore Reserves

Experienced Senior Professionals

0 +
Years Experience

Experts & Management

0 +
Years Experience

Professional Project Management for Mining Professionals

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Mine Management, Finance, Valuation, ESG & Technical Reporting